Games make up 20% of App Store content

Category comes out largest with over 16,000 applications

A breakdown of the number of applications currently available on the App Store in each of its 20 categories has been revealed, showing that games are by far the most popular sector on the store.

The games category accounted for 19.6 per cent of the total Apple Store - meaning that developers releasing onto the store currently have 16,603 apps to compete against, according to data published by Mobclix.

Second most popular was entertainment, which made up 14.9 per cent of content with 12,656 apps. Books followed with a 12 per cent share of store content.

Of the 85,000 apps available on the store, 77.3 per cent of them are paid for and 22.7 per cent are free.

Found to be the least popular category, making up just 0.6 per cent of the apps, was the weather.

The top ten most expensive iPhone apps were also listed by the site, with the top one - a video surveillance system app that allows users to command cameras and watch live feeds through their phone - coming out at USD 899.99. In comparison, the most typical price for an iPhone app is USD 0.99. Only 0.2 per cent of apps on the store sell for more than USD 50.

The full list of iPhone app categories and the share they represent follows:

Games: 16,603 apps (19.6%) Entertainment: 12,656 apps (14.9%) Books: 10,204 apps (12%) Utilities: 5,655 (6.7%) Travel: 5,620 (6.6%) Education: 5,345 (6.3%) Lifestyle: 4,617 (5.5%) Reference: 3,002 (3.5%) Music: 2,799 (3.3%) Sports: 2,456 (2.9%) Productivity: 2,333 (2.8%) Navigation: 2,303 (2.7%) News: 2,028 (2.4%) Business: 1,914 (2.3%) Health & Fitness: 1,879 (2.2%) Social Networking: 1,332 apps (1.6%) Photography: 1,318 apps (1.6%) Finance: 1,223 apps (1.4%) Medical: 972 apps (1.1%) Weather: 422 apps (0.6%)

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Jérôme Ponset Business Developer, Magic Pockets10 years ago
16,603 + 12,656 = 29,259 apps (games and entertainment)

Phil Schiller said 21,178 apps (games and entertainment)during Apple's "It's Only Rock And Roll" event on the 9th september 2009...

8,081(+28%) apps within 20 days, strange gap.

It emphasizes how obscur are numbers for this platform (as it is on all consoles' online platforms : xbla, psn, Wii ware, DSiWare...)

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jérôme Ponset on 30th September 2009 3:25pm

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