Future US announces PSN games show

Qore will be downloadable to PS3s with feature content provided by the publisher's editorial staff

Future US has announced an agreement with Sony to produce a monthly digital program for the PlayStation Network, which will debut on June 5.

Produced by Future's magazine and website editorial staff, Qore will be an interactive games show in high-definition, downloadable directly to PlayStation 3 consoles.

"We couldn't be more excited to extend our partnership with SCEA to the PlayStation Network," said Jonathan Simpson-Bint, president of Future.

"This is an opportunity to create a branded media environment unlike anything else in the world and an example of how Future is uniquely positioned to create powerful integrated media solutions for readers and advertisers."

Future has retained advertising rights for the show, which has already gained the patronage of Burger King, Universal Pictures, Activision and Codemasters, among others.

"Qore is a uniquely targeted product, reaching gamers in the interactive, high-definition environment of the console itself," added Future's publishing director Simon Whitcombe.

"For consumers it is a relevant and compelling new format for media, and for advertisers it's a pipeline straight to the game-playing audience."

The program, hosted by Veronica Belmont, will have an introductory price of USD 2.99 for the first episode or an annual 13 episode subscription of USD 24.99. Subscribers will have special access to game demos, betas, add-ons and other downloadable and game-related content.

This comes off the back of the announcement that Future UK has entered a partnership with Tesco to produce and distribute a free new magazine in its stores.

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