Future suffers circulation slump

Figures across almost entire games portfolio down in 2009

ABC figures released today show that Future Publishing's games portfolio continued to see circulations drop in 2009, despite the increase in the console installed-base.

Yesterday the company said revenues were down across the business, with the games section in particular hit by slowing sales and ad spend.

Flagship title Edge saw a negligible rise in yearly sales from 28,898 copies to 29,007, while Future's other multiformat magazine, Games Master, dropped significantly from 40,949 to 34,313.

PlayStation Official dropped from 53,644 to 47,033, while unofficial magazine PSM 3 dropped from 26,202 to 21,224.

PC gaming magazines also slumped, with PC Zone dropping from 19,023 in 2008 to 11,357, and PC Gamer at 26,487, down from 32,619.

Future's Official Xbox 360 Magazine fell from 63,908 to 60,832, and Xbox World 360 dropped to 25,874 last year, compared to 31,030 in 2008. The Official Nintendo Magazine also saw circulation fall from 53,644 to 51,271.

Last year the company said it would no longer publish six-month circulation figures due to cost cutting, and it also closed unofficial PlayStation magazine PSW.

The full ABC figures follow:

  • Edge: 29,007
  • Games Master: 34,313
  • Official Xbox 360 Magazine: 60,834
  • Xbox World 360: 25,874
  • PlayStation Official: 47,033
  • PSM 3: 21,224
  • PC Zone: 11,357
  • PC Gamer: 26,487
  • Official Nintendo Magazine: 51,271

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Luis Levy Account Executive, The Bohle Company12 years ago
I love Edge but had to drop my subscription due to the (very high) cost of the U.S. subscription :(

Still looking for Edge File Vol. 1!
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Isaiah Taylor Writer/Photographer 12 years ago
What are Game Informer's circulation numbers?
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