Former Ensemble dev founds Windstorm Studios

Third studio to be established following the RTS house's closure

Dusty Monk, a former developer at the now defunct Ensemble Studios, has established his own development house, Windstorm Studios.

The company will focus on its first project, an online game "unlike anything you've ever seen," with the website promising to differentiate itself from "games filled with depressing predictions of post apocalyptic destruction".

"When Microsoft closed my then employer Ensemble Studios, I saw an opportunity for something new – not just for myself, but for the genre which I love so much," commented Monk. "Windstorm Studios is the realisation of that opportunity,"

The company's website states that it is "currently seeking funding partners".

Following Ensemble's closure, staff have gone on to found two other new studios, Bonfire and Robot Entertainment, while the latter will continue supporting the Age of Empire series and Halo Wars, the former is at work on "something completely different".

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