Fils-Aime: Absolutely no more Wii price cuts

$199 price point will hook next group of consumers; Christmas stock shortages aren't expected

Nintendo won't be cutting the price of the Wii any further in response to slowing sales and the sluggish economic climate, and will instead rely on innovation to drive consumers to buy its products.

Speaking in an interview with CNBC, NoA president Reggie Fils-Aime said consumers will spend provided they're given great value for money.

"We say that based on the experience of launching the Nintendo DSi this past April, we've already sold 2.2 million units, so we're feeling very good about the holiday," he commented.

"We define value as what you get for what you pay. With Wii - with the USD 50 price drop - you're getting a lot more value."

Console sales for August versus July show that Wii sales are up ten per cent. The Xbox 360 has seen a six per cent rise since its price drop, and PlayStation 3 a 72 per cent rise after a price drop and the introduction of the new slim model.

A further price cut for Wii however is "absolutely not" going to happen, said Fils-Aime.

"We lasted 34 months without having to cut the price. We were able to reach over 20 million consumers here in the US at USD 249. The next group of consumers we will get at this USD 199 price point, and we've already seen very strong results after just one week on the marketplace."

He pointed out that instead innovation and new experiences will continue to drive sales - "it's going to be our solution to this current economic environment" - and that Nintendo is dedicated to delivering this innovation with products such as the Wii Vitality Sensor.

Fils-Aime also assured consumers there would be no stock shortages from Nintendo this Christmas.

"We're prepared. We have a tremendous amount of product in inventory, we've been flowing product in for retail. We do not expect to have shortages on our products.

"If we do experience them, I'd love to have that problem, but we're not seeing that this year."

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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.11 years ago
DS Vitality Sensor? I assume this meant Wii Vitality Sensor or did we miss a recent announcement for DS?

Actually a DS Vitality Sensor could possibly be more popular given it's portable nature allowing for a multitude of medical, health and fitness based software.
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Katherine Brice Deputy Editor, GamesIndustry.biz11 years ago
Sorry, that was just meant to read Wii Vitality Sensor and has been edited - no DS one has been announced.
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