ESPN hooks up with Xbox Live

3500 live events to be exclusively available on Microsoft's platform in the US

Another of the revelations at this year's Microsoft press conference in Los Angeles, as part of the E3 Expo week, was the addition for US Xbox 360 owners of live and recorded ESPN sports action.

The deal, which will make the content freely available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, will see over 3500 live events streamed to consoles over the course of a year, including College Football and Soccer.

The new Kinect interface will also allow the content to be manipulated without the need for a remote control or Xbox 360 control pad, either by using motion or voice control.

The news was announced and concept introduced by Sports Center anchors Josh Elliott and Trey Wingo. More E3 news is available on the special GamesIndustry.bizevent page.

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Diarmuid Murphy Developer Marketing, Microsoft11 years ago
I wonder will this come across to the pond to ESPN UK, probably unlikely becuase of the current deal with Sky.
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Dwain Hill11 years ago
Probably not :( I'm sure there's lots of people that would love it too..
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