Emergency Room: Real Life Rescues

A peek behind the cubicle curtain.

Legacy Interactive is offering a sneak peek at Emergency Room: Real Life Rescues for Nintendo DS with six new screenshots from the upcoming game. Emergency Room: Real Life Rescues is Legacy's latest game in their popular Emergency Room medical series and will be the first paramedic medical simulation on the handheld device.

In order to be a good paramedic, the player needs to be familiar with the tools of the trade. Once on the scene, the player must hurry to assess, treat, and stabilize patients. There is no time to waste! The player has 20 tools to choose between for treating patients. In an emergency situation every second counts--choosing the wrong tool can cost the player precious time.

Check out some of the tools inside the Emergency Room: Real Life Rescues ambulance and learn how to use them:

ECG: Place the sensors in the correct position on the patient's chest. Then, using the stylus, drag the matching lead to the sensor to connect it. Remember; white on right, smoke over fire.

Blood Test: Insert the syringe into the patient's arm. Touch the plunger and slide it up with the stylus until the meter reaches the green mark indicating that enough blood has been drawn.

Oral Airway: Place the oral airway in front of the patient's mouth. An image showing the patient's throat will appear. Slowly insert the oral airway by dragging the tube into the patient's throat. When you reach the back of the throat, you will need to rotate the oral airway 180 to make sure the tongue is not blocking the air passage. Once rotated, continue inserting the oral airway until it is secure.

Cannula: Place the cannula on the patient's hand then slowly slide it into the patient's vein by tapping and dragging the needle up the image of the vein. Take your time; going too fast will cause it to slip.

CPR: Start with chest compressions. Tap the target on the chest when the green circle fills the center target area. After the compressions, pump the bulb on the bag valve mask by sliding the pressure point up and down a few times with the stylus.

Scissors: Tap and hold the stylus to take control of the scissors. Slide the scissors along the dotted line until they have closed to complete a cut. Then, drag the scissors backward along the dotted line until they have opened fully. Repeat this until the entire dotted line has been traced.

Backboard: Following the dotted line, start below the patient's feet and slide the backboard up and under the patient. Once completed the patient will be moved to the ambulance.

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