EA and Take-Two shares drop

Publishers open to falling share prices in EU markets, following the failure of acquisition talks

Take-Two and Electronic Arts have seen a drop in share prices following the announcement that the companies are no longer in talks about a possible acquisition, according to Bloomberg.

The Grand Theft Auto IV publisher's stock price fell 5.1 per cent on the Nasdaq Stock Market, dropping by USD 1.12 cents to the USD 20.77, while EA lost 3 per cent to USD 43.66.

Take-Two's share price has continued to decline from its high of USD 27.65 in June, following traders unease over the likelihood of EA succeeding in its unsolicited bid of USD 25.74 a share.

However, despite the recent fall, Take-Two's stock is still 26 per cent higher than it was before Electronic Arts first revealed its interest for the company.

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Alexander Cederholm Editor-in-Chief, GAMEcore.se12 years ago
There we go! Finally we can see the true value (at the moment) of Take-Two. As I suspected their value during the last 6 month have been greatly lifted by the EA bid. We have to see how GTAIV serves Take-Two during Christmas too.
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Arseny Lebedev Marketing Associate, Large Animal Games12 years ago
I agree, Alexander.
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