Dutch retailer refuses to stock PSPgo

No software sales and high price upset specialist game stores in region

Dutch retailer Nedgame has refused to stock and sell the PSPgo because of its high price and lack of retail games.

According to a statement published on its website, the company is unhappy that without a UMD drive it is not able to sell software for the download-only console, cutting out any second hand sales opportunities.

It also has issues with the high price of the new console which retails in the region for EUR 249, compared to the PSP-3000's price point of EUR 169.

Nedgame also noted a discomfort with Sony creating a monopoly on the pricing of games for the system.

The PSPgo launches across Europe in October, with early adoptors able to download a free copy of Gran Turismo PSP.

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Latest comments (4)

John Bye Lead Designer, Future Games of London8 years ago
"the company is unhappy that .. it is not able to sell software for the download-only console, cutting out any second hand sales opportunities"

Funny how things look when the boot's on the other foot, eh?
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Jelle Schut Managing Director, Only Network8 years ago
Bit of a sour comment John. Whether or not second hand game sales harm sales figures is still something that hasn't seen a definitive answer.

As for Nedgame's choice, I can see their reasoning. Sony gives them a piece of hardware to sell, which traditionally has the lowest margin, and cuts them out of any software sales, with a higher margin. Whether both parties like it or not, but retail needs the console makers and vice versa. Unless Sony or Microsoft finds a way to sell consoles without having retail involved.
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Joe Anderson Editor, Shopto.net8 years ago
If people want the console they will buy it, especially with internet shopping being more popular than ever. The only people losing out here are Nedgame.
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Robbie Kazandjian Director, SoundBoy Ltd8 years ago
Well if Sony doesn't sell any PSPgo's anywhere they would be losing out too....
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