DS pulls ahead in Japanese hardware chart

Slow software chart drags down console sales as Japanese market experiences dip

The Nintendo DS has remained the best-selling hardware format in Japan for another week, with combined sales of all versions totalling 36,459 units.

However, after a particularly poor week of software sales, hardware figures were down almost across the board, with DS sales down by almost 5000 units.

The PSP-3000 was the best-selling single hardware format this week, on 29,766 units. Combined sales with the PSPgo kept it in second place overall on 31,592 units - a drop of nearly 6000.

The PlayStation 3 remained in third place, despite sales falling by nearly 10,000 units to 28,973. By comparison Wii sales fell by only around 5500 units to 25,345.

Although it didn't have a single title in the software top 50, the Xbox 360 was the only format to buck the trend of the week with sales rising by a modest 500 units to 3218.

PlayStation 2 sales dipped slightly to 1425 units.

Japanese weekly hardware sales:

  • PSP: 29,766
  • PlayStation 3: 28,973
  • Wii: 25,345
  • Nintendo DSi XL: 19,372
  • Nintendo DSi: 13,738
  • Nintendo DS Lite: 3,349
  • Xbox 360: 3,218
  • PSPgo: 1,826
  • PlayStation 2: 1,425

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Tony Johns8 years ago
I have the old and original DS that came with Metroid Prime Hunters...

And I got it second hand from a friend when he didn't want it anymore after he got himself the DS lite...

So yeah, I am happy with my DS original and I would not want anything else because I know it is Region-Free multiregion so I can get games from Japan or America and still play them on my DS.
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