DS back on top in Japanese hardware sales

Top three formats neck-and-neck as slow week of software sales benefits Nintendo

Combined sales of the Nintendo DS saw the evergreen portable return as the best-selling hardware system of the week in Japan, although with the PS3 and PSP very close behind.

A total of 21,583 DSi XL (DSi LL in Japan) were sold over the course of the week, along with 15,526 DSi and 4110 DS Lite models.

As a result, and helped by new games such as Etrian Odyssey III, total DS hardware sales of 41,219 saw a modest rise on the previous week, of around 3000 units.

The PSP was close behind in second place, with PSP-3000 sales of 37,445 and 1,803 units of the PSPgo combining for a grand total of 39,248 consoles sold.

Technically though the PS3 was still the highest-selling individual hardware model of the week with 38,877 unit sales, down from 50,448 the previous week following the significant boost enjoyed from the release of Sega's Yakuza 4.

The Wii was still firmly down in fourth place, with no significant change in sales at 30,938 units sold.

The Xbox 360 was up fractionally at 2676 units sold, as was the PlayStation 2 on 1815 units.

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By Marie Dealessandri

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David Spender Lead Programmer 12 years ago
I was thinking to myself yesterday - I have a PSP, DS, PS3, 360, and Wii. If I had to choose only one to have and had to get rid of all the rest the choice would be an easy one. I would pick the Nintendo DS without a thought. It has the most fun innovative unique games and is portable to boot. It is the only console of the 5 I play daily. I love my PS3 and games like MGS4 and Uncharted 2 amaze me, but the DS truly is my favorite.
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Haven Tso Web-based Game Reviewer 12 years ago
For me it will be between my DS Lite and my new PS3. PS3 is shaping up to have games that I like now with all the JRPGs coming out. Before that my DS Lite just consumed most of my gaming time. As for the Wii, it has been disconnected since the power outage last year and still haven't been it tells how good it is. It might have served the purpose of expanding the gaming market, but really there aren't a lot of interesting games on that platform.
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