Diesel Games, Inc to develop first person video game showcasing 4D sound technology, AstoundSound™

GenAudio, Inc. creator of AstoundSound™ excited to be bringing best of breed sound localization to a new market.

IMMEDIATE RELEASE - April, 10th 2007

Tempe, AZ - Diesel Games, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement with GenAudio, Inc. to develop a first person video game showcasing the breakthrough 4D sound technology known as AstoundSound.

According to Kevin Wooten, President of Diesel Games, "AstoundSound is considered by many audio pros to be the best multidimensional sound system available today. Diesel Games is excited to be the driving force behind bringing this technology to the gaming world."

Jerry Mahabub, CEO and President of GenAudio states, "Diesel Games has been working with GenAudio in an advisory roll over the last year to help develop the Real-Time Interface for AstoundSound. Diesel has been instrumental in our understanding of the video game industry and they continue to impress us with their technical insight. We look forward to working together in this new capacity."

The game project, Deprived, will be the first interactive game to incorporate AstoundSound. Providing accurate positional audio with elevation cues, AstoundSound will increase the player's immersion beyond anything that is provided today.

About Diesel Games

Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, Diesel Games develops next generation game titles that push the envelope in terms of graphics, gameplay, and audio. Formed in 2005 by industry veterans Kevin Wooten and Michel Henein, Diesel Games is considered a leader in the field of cutting edge game development.

For more information on Diesel Games contact Michel Henein, Co-Founder and Director of Audio for Diesel Games.

Diesel Games Inc.


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