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Devil May Cry 4 "pirated to hell and back," says Capcom

Digital distribution of PC title held back by Japanese division

Capcom in the US has admitted that sales of the PC version of Devil May Cry 4 are suffering due to severe piracy issues.

Writing on the official Capcom forums, vice president of strategic planning Christian Svensson said that the Japanese division has so far not allowed the title to be distributed digitally.

"I'm not sure about how Capcom in general feels but it's not doing as well as I would like in the US at retail," wrote Svensson.

"It's such a good version and it really deserves better sales. I know it's getting pirated to hell and back (it was up on torrents literally the day it shipped)."

"I certainly have pushed for digital distribution on the title but Capcom Japan so far has not allowed it."

Svensson added that all Capcom's US titles for the PC will eventually be distributed digitally, including the forthcoming Bionic Commando remake and new IP Dark Void.

"For the record all Capcom Entertainment developed titles will be distributed extremely widely via digital channels (not just Steam or Direct2Drive, but more than a dozen partners across more than 100 sites/portals for everything we do).

"I've spent the last year building up that channel and I'm continuing to add partners even in advance of Age of Booty, MotoGP, Neopets, Dark Void and Flock shipping," he said.

Svensson also hopes to convince execs in Japan that digital distribution would benefit the company, including titles such as DMC 4 which are developed in the region.

"I have a presentation I'm making shortly that I'm hoping will make that approach something we do with all of our PC content, even those developed in Japan, but no promises. It might not happen."

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George Williams Senior Community Manager (boxed products), Codemasters13 years ago
Poor sales = piracy? Of course!Jump on that good ol' piracy band wagon. Sins of A Solar Empire managed to shift over 250,000 in the US alone without and copy protection.

Lets not forget that the PC version of DMC was a mere 6 months behind the launch of the console version and PC gamers arent really interested in a 'button basher'. Poor sales = miss the boat? I think that is more likely.
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George Williams Senior Community Manager (boxed products), Codemasters13 years ago
That should say 'shift' not erm - well. No edit button!!!!!
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