Crytek to show multiplatform CryEngine 3 at GDC

Engine built for current and future platforms, says CEO

Crytek is to demo its latest multiplatform development solution, CryEngine 3, at the Game Developers Conference later this month.

The engine is built for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, MMO, DX9 and DX10, and is 'next-gen' ready, according to the developer behind PC hit Crysis.

"With CryEngine 3 we are delivering our best game development technology that enables our clients to achieve their vision on current and future platforms to develop games such as MMOs, action games and more," said CEO Cevat Yerli.

"Our complete game engine solution enables realtime development, ensures teams are able to maximise their own creativity, saves budget and creates greater gaming experiences.

"Also with our solution developers can start working on their next generation games today," he added.

Previous engines from Crytek have been PC-only, but the developer has always shown considerable interest in console development.

It most recently bought UK studio Free Radical Design to speed up its console plans, and Yerli has stated he believes successors to the Xbox 360 and PS3 could arrive by 2012.

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Neil Schneider President & CEO, Meant To Be Seen11 years ago
I'm surprised that everyone missed the big story from Crytek:

[link url=

Native stereoscopic 3D support for CryEngine 2 & 3!

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