Cities XL online elements to close

Low subscriptions force Monte Cristo to refocus on single player experience

French developer Monte Cristo has announced that it is to shut down the online elements of its ambitious city builder MMO, Cities XL.

The news comes three months after the game was released, with the company admitting that subscriptions for the service were "lower than what we expected" - meaning that the Planet Offer section of the game was "no longer sustainable".

The servers will be closed on March 8, with the game reverting to a single player experience only, while a new edition of the game - Cities XL 2011 - will be released in the future as a solo game, although no date has yet been set.

"We do realise that some of you were real fans of the Planet Offer, and loved to be able to visit other player's cities and trade tokens between each other," read the statement. "There are simply not enough of us."

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Latest comments (2)

Stephen McCarthy Studying Games Technology, Kingston University10 years ago
how long untill some make a player made service now for this game.
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Stefano Ronchi Indie Game Developer 10 years ago
Probably not long :P
Its a shame though: twas a nice and innovative idea, pity they didn't even get a chance to completely iron out the flaws. Still, the price we all pay for innovation, so lots of respect their way for trying.
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