CCP reveals first-person shooter based on EVE Online

DUST 514 for home consoles; will allow play between popular sci-fi MMO

EVE Online developer CCP has revealed a new first-person shooter for consoles based on its popular sci-fi massively multiplayer online game.

DUST 514 has been in development for three year's at the company's Shanghai studio, and is set for home consoles – although currently no release window has been confirmed.

As well as featuring RTS elements, the game will tie-in to the EVE Online MMO, allowing players to interact between both games.

"We launched EVE Online in 2003 and have experienced steady annual growth– a fact we appreciate as a rarity in the world of MMOs, especially given the global economy of the past year," offered Hilmar Petursson, CEO of CCP.

"Our success with EVE Online has afforded us the highest caliber global design and production talent in gaming. With a team of the best minds in the industry, we conceived an ambitious new take on virtual world development with DUST 514."

Petursson revealed details and a trailer for the new game at GDC Europe this morning. The company trademarked the name earlier this month.

"Since opening our Shanghai studio, we have invested in building a team that wants to push the envelope in gaming and be pioneers in the industry, added Kjartan Pierre Emilsson, MD of CCP Shanghai.

"Having led the design and development efforts of the project from start to finish, our studio is honored to call DUST 514 our first title release."

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