Platform - PlayStation 2

Release Date - 18th February 2005

Developer - Red Entertainment

Publisher - Atari

Inspired by Hong Kong cinema, Bujingai: Swordmasters brings martial arts fantasy to life in a high speed third person action adventure which tells the story of Lau Wong and Rei Jenron. Having spent their lives training to become legendary Swordmasters, they must both tend to the task of warding off demon invasions in a post apocalyptic Asian city. In a series of terrible events, Rei Jenron's wife is killed by demons, and when he uses a forbidden dark power to avenge her, he then turns into a Demon Master himself.

The player takes on the role of spell-casting, gravity-defying warrior, Lau Wong. Lau must battle his way through an army of fiends to try and rescue his fellow warrior or face him in hat could be his last fight. Lau is able to fight multiple enemies while running, gliding, floating, and running on walls. To make the action even more authentic, all of the characters in Bujingai: Swordmasters have fluid motion capture movements that give them just as much personality as Lau.

Game Features

  • Beautifully detailed graphics and fully interactive environments create an immersive atmosphere to draw the player into the action.
  • Super smooth action at 60 frames per second allowing for breathless fighting sequences.
  • Non Linear - skill and weapon upgrades will allow players to personalize the gameplay.
  • Designed by the critically acclaimed Toshihiro Kawamoto (Cowboy Bebop) and Yousuke Kuroda (Trigun, Onegai Teacher)
  • Dozens of "unlockables", including new techniques and additional difficulty levels, new costumes, character profiles, models, video footage and more.

Bujingai: Swordmasters for PlayStation 2 will be available across the UK on 18th February.


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