Bohemia objects to Codemasters' Operation Flashpoint marketing

Czech developer unhappy with publisher pitching Dragon Rising as an 'official sequel'

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis developer Bohemia Interactive has complained about the marketing of Codemasters' forthcoming sequel, Dragon Rising.

UK publisher Codemasters only owns the name Operation Flashpoint, leading Bohemia to object to any marketing of the game as an official sequel to Cold War Crisis, released in 2001.

"Since Codemasters has no right to use the Bohemia Interactive game engine or any other component of the Bohemia-developed game, how can it rightfully claim to produce a 'sequel'?" commented Bohemia Interactive's CEO, Marek Spanel.

Bohemia's attorney has sent a letter to Codemasters protesting about the marketing of the game, in a bid to inform games players that Dragon Rising is not from the same development team.

"We can’t stop Codemasters from releasing a game using the words 'Operation Flashpoint'," acknowledged Spanel.  "But it is not right to promote this game as the 'official sequel to the multi-award winning Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis' or the 'return’ of Bohemia Interactive's 'genre-defining military conflict simulator.'"

"The awards were given for the game created by Bohemia Interactive - not to a name," he added.

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Jose Amaya9 years ago
i totally agree. There is a lot of fans out there that deserve an apology..
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