Best Buy UK thrashes records in opening weekend

New Essex store sees biggest opening weekend worldwide

The UK's first Best Buy store, opened last week in Thurrock, Essex, has experienced the most successful opening weekend for a Best Buy store to date.

The store saw more sales than any Best Buy store worldwide, of which there are currently more than 1150 across the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, China, Mexico and Turkey.

Paul Antoniadis, CEO of Best Buy branded operations said: "I'm delighted to announce that the first three days of our opening weekend in Thurrock have been confirmed as the biggest ever opening weekend for a Best Buy store anywhere in the world by volume of sales.

"Everyone on the Best Buy team is thrilled with the start of this new chapter in Best Buy’s story."

Best Buy's opening weekend offers included the black Nintendo Wii console for £99.99 (a 44 per cent discount), the Xbox 360 Elite for £199.99 ( a 20 per cent discount) and the PlayStation 3 250GB for £249.99 (a 17 per cent reduction).

The retailer plans to open a further 8-10 stores across the UK this year.

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Kane Caswell Community Manager, Crowdstar Games 7 years ago
I can only hope myself they choose to move in on Ireland as well.
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Ashley Tarver Indie 7 years ago
The logo reminds me of Aldi, and yes I may be a snob.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Ashley Tarver on 6th May 2010 3:13pm

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S Roberts Lawyer 7 years ago
Hm... they may have sold bucketloads at those prices but were they just loss leaders?

My local Sainsbury's was selling 360 Elites for £160 the other week. They normally don't carry games at all, but complemented the consoles by stocking up with with three copies of Far Cry 2 at a mere £12 and a lonely solitary copy of the Halo Legends DVD.
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Kevin Clark-Patterson Lecturer in Games Development, Lancaster and Morecambe College7 years ago
Some nice discounts there! Wonder how long they will last in a saturated UK market
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