Best Buy details UK launch plans

First store set for May, with five open by year end

Electronics retailer Best Buy has confirmed that it will launch in the UK this May, with the first outlet a 50,000 square foot space in Thurrock, Essex.

The retailer, which commands around 21 per cent of the US electronics market, will then open stores in Southampton and the West Midlands in June, followed by another in Liverpool weeks later. It has also confirmed another opening in Croydon for the autumn., creating 100 jobs.

"We’re here to make buying technology simple, exciting and tailored to each of our customers," offered Paul Antoniadis, CEO of Best Buy. "Our store in Thurrock marks the beginning of a new chapter and we’re looking forward to bringing the Best Buy experience to consumers across the UK."

The range of goods will include videogame systems and software, audio and visual equipment, entertainment and computing devices, mobile phones, movies and other electrical appliances – putting it in direct competition with established UK retailers such as DSG's Currys, Dixons and PC World.

Customer service at Best Buy includes syncing new hardware and transferring contacts to new mobile phones, in what the retailer calls its 'walk out working' initiative. Customer are also able to book consultations with staff for advice on new purchases.

Last week, Best Buy reported profits were up 24.5 per cent on revenue of $49.6 billion.

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Latest comments (3)

James Poole Managing Director, Sarcastic Hedgehog Ltd7 years ago
So it's Essex or Croydon to choose from? Spoilt for choice.
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Craig Kirby Games Tester, The Creative Assembly7 years ago
It was hard enough choosing whether to go for Amazon, GAME or HMV for the dodgy overpriced exclusive preorder bonus, now we have to add Best Buy to that list too? :(

Though in all seriousness this could be quite nice. All the places like Dixons around where I live have shut down, meaning it's almost impossible to find any hardware or electrical appliances outside of the internet.
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Pete Thompson Editor 7 years ago
Nice, Thurrock is only 20/30 Minutes away for me, be intresting to see what they offer and how prices differ
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