BBFC passes MadWorld with no cuts

Platinum Games' controversial Wii brawler set for UK release with 18 rating

The BBFC has passed the controversial Wii title MadWorld, granting it an 18 certificate and requiring no cuts to content.

Sega's Sin City-style brawler has gained attention for its level of violence, uncharacteristic of a Wii title, which saw the game branded as "the most violent videogame ever" by The Daily Mail, warning the game will "dramatically transform Wii's image".

However, the tabloid paper radically changed its tone on the game, later naming it as one of this year's "hottest new titles".

Last October, developer Platinum Games attempted to quash fears that the third-person title would cause controversy with ratings bodies, saying that it was going as far as working with the US outfit ESRB and wanted them to feel "part of the process".

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Lars Vormann Projectmanager Games, Much More GmbH12 years ago
<a href="">

CEO of Nintendo Korea, Mineo Koda:
"As there were many violent games, many parents had negative images of games," he explained. "We face a major challenge of changing those negative images.

Both thumbs up :)
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