BAFTA to host digital distribution event Network to partner with session exploring new business opportunities

BAFTA, in association with the Network, will host an expert panel session at its headquarters in Picadilly, London, on April 28 to explore the new business models and opportunities presented by digital distribution.

The session, subtitled "Do Games Developers Still Need Publishers?" will look at the various new routes to market brought about by the increasing importance of online, such as console and PC downloadable platforms as well as new platforms such as the iPhone.

The panel will be comprised of James Brooksby, studio director at Doublesix Games, as well as Criterion co-founder and Kerb Games director David Lau-Kee, the CEO of Paradox Interactive Fredrik Wester and the creator of the Rolando iPhone game, Simon Oliver.

The event will begin at 8pm, with time for networking afterwards - tickets are free for BAFTA members or GBP 5 for the public, although will be giving away some free tickets via the Network.

More information and ticket application details are available on the official BAFTA website, and Network members should look out for details on how to claim free tickets on the Network forum in the coming weeks.

The event is part of BAFTA's Access All Areas programme to improve access to opportunity within the film, TV and video game industries - anyone can sign up to the mailing list for details of further live events, webcasts and competition give-aways.

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Alex Wright-Manning Head of Recruitment, Splash Damage Ltd13 years ago
The last BAFTA event with Nolan Bushnell was exceptionally well run - as you would expect - and highly informative. I would recommend this event highly; not only does it concern a very current and pertinent subject but it's an excellent opportunity for networking with your fellow professionals. I hope the cheque's in the post BAFTA! :)
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