Association of Independent Game Websites launch

Gathering of volunteer-run sites.

London, 5th January 2010 - The Association of Independent Game Websites, which seeks to improve the standard of volunteer-run videogame websites, has launched today.

The AIGW's goal is to support non-commercial videogame websites, provide their owners with a place to exchange ideas and promote best practises. AIGW members offer a refreshing alternative to the mainstream press.

The Association has been co-founded by, and These websites share the same core values:

Independent Theyʼre not owned by a third-party.

Volunteer-run Website staff do not typically receive pay for their work.

Non-commercial To adapt a famous Walt Disney quote, they donʼt publish articles to make money; they make money so we can publish more articles.

Design-focused They value the principles of good design and embrace best practices such as web standards.

Established Theyʼve been around long enough to be trusted as reliable sources for videogames opinion.


Traditionally, the owners and managers of volunteer-run websites rarely meet each other or communicate, if at all. Theyʼre all doing basically the same job, but few know each other.

The AIGW would like to change that. It aims to provide somewhere to share ideas, discuss common problems and generally compare notes. It believe that by interacting more, its members can improve the quality of all volunteer-run websites. For more information, please visit or follow @TheAIGW on Twitter.

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