Ancient Trader

High seas strategy launched on PC and Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Frankfurt, Germany, August 03rd 2010 The independent developer formation 4kids games has released their initial title on PC and Xbox LIVE Indie Games. Ancient Trader is a simple, easy entry strategy game suitable for all ages, which originally came to life as a board-game design.

The game takes you and up to 4 players on a journey of discovery in uncharted oceans, with wealthy ports awaiting discovery and mythical sea monsters roaming the waters, hunting for prey. Your goal in the game is to discover new opportunities for trade, upgrade your ship and weapons and challenge the monsters and competing traders in simple battles with stylized card-minigames.

You can play on 9 pre-defined maps on three different difficulties or create random new maps with different parameters and set-up conditions for your single- or multiplayer games. Besides its easy-to-learn, pick-up and play strategic tabletop appeal, the main attraction of Ancient Trader is the beautiful and distinctive visual presentation of the game. The whole artwork of the game is hand-crafted, stylized to resemble the copper-stitch style of old maps and pictures from the late middle-ages. The players are immersed into the atmosphere of great expeditions into the unknown seas and back to times when the empty spots on the maps were believed to be inhabited by mystical monsters and ancient guardians.

Peter Levius, the author of the original concept comments:

My vision was to create a minimalistic strategy game that would have a complex winning strategy and beautiful old map visuals. I am happy to see that many people like the result.

Petr Vcelka, responsible Artist:

When I finish a project, I usually dont want to see it anymore. But Ancient Trader is an exception. When I play it, I forget that I actually worked on it.

Ancient Trader is available on Xbox LIVE Indie Games and also on PC via digital distribution sites like Gamersgate, Youdagames or Gamesload.

The game was already well received by the press and will also next be featured in actual Indie Game competitions.

Official Website:

Official Video:

PC- Download:

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About 4kids games:

4kids games is an independent developer formation from Slovakia. Initiated by Peter Levius from, a co-operation between talent from his immediate network and Slovak development studio Games Distillery was organized to realize the concept envisioned for Ancient Trader.

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