Analyst firms partner to report on 10 emerging games markets

DFC and Niko Partners to offer data on markets including Mexico and Hong Kong

Game analyst firms DFC Intelligence and Niko Partners have joined up to form DFC-Niko Emerging Markets - a research service intended to deliver intelligence on 10 countries it has identified as having the fastest growing games markets in the world.

The newly formed service will deliver global clients with critical analysis on countries including Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

"These 10 markets are among the fastest growing video game markets in the world, and until now, research coverage has been insufficient," said David Cole, analyst with DFC Intelligence. "DFC started covering South Korea in 2001 and watched the explosive growth that market had as broadband penetration soared. We feel these markets will follow a similar pattern."

"When Niko started covering China in 2003, a legitimate game market barely existed. Now, China is the largest PC game market in the world," said Lisa Hanson, managing partner of Niko Partners. "We specifically chose markets that have enough maturity to justify potential investment, and will be offering consulting services that support market entry as well."

This year the company aims to offer baseline studies on each of the markets. Each one will include market trends, a 5-year forecast, key companies, payment modes, online and offline games, regulations and piracy, among other information.

Local researchers will be used to conduct surveys in the local language, while gamers, industry members, government officials and trade association management will all be canvassed for their opinions.

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