Age of Empires to survive Ensemble closure

Microsoft confirms that it still owns the rights to the RTS franchise, which could make return to the PC

Kevin Unangst, Microsoft's director of global marketing for Games for Windows, has confirmed that Age of Empires could be returning to PCs despite the closure of Ensemble Studios.

In a post on the Gamerscore Blog, Unangst explained that Microsoft still owned the rights to the Age of Empires and was "excited about the future potential" of the franchise. It was announced earlier this week that Ensemble Studios, the originator of the franchise, would close its doors after completing work on the Halo Wars project.

"As many of you have heard, Ensemble Studios will be closing after Halo Wars is complete. If you're a PC gamer, you've likely played some version of Age of Empires somewhere along the line," Unangst commented.

"I want to reassure you that Microsoft will still own the Age of Empires intellectual property. As a company, we're very excited about the future potential for Age of Empires, and as a PC gamer I'm looking forward to what that future holds."

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Phil O'Connor Lead Game Designer, Ubisoft11 years ago
He manages to say nothing, he is "excited" and "looking forward" to the future. Who cares about how excited he is, what is happening with future AOE development? Why do they get away with making these inane press releases?
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