GAME to offer half price DSi trade-in

Retailer launches aggressive deal to exchange old hardware and pick up new handheld for 74.99

GAME has revealed to it will offer the new Nintendo DSi for GBP 74.99 when consumers trade in an old console or handheld.

Robert Quinn, operations director at the company said that it was coordinating with Nintendo to organise a "huge launch" for Easter, which, like HMV, he said is "perfectly timed".

"Our customers are very excited about the launch of the DSi, and all of our stores are fully geared up to take pre-orders and help customers understand all of the innovative features of the new machine," explained Quinn.

"We're working closely with Nintendo to organise a huge launch, which is perfectly timed for the Easter holidays."

"As always, we'll have plenty of stock and some fantastic launch offers to give customers the best possible experience," he added. "We're already offering the DSi for half price if customers trade in one of their other consoles."

The aggressive half price deal is available to consumers trading in an Xbox 360, PSP 3000, Wii or DS Lite.

"Everyone at GAME has been a massive supporter of the DS and DS Lite. We've seen first hand how it's carved a place in history by attracting millions of new customers to videogames," Quinn continued.

"Now our customers are excited about the DSi because Nintendo has packed even more innovation into what was already an inventive portable console. Our customers can't wait to get their hands on one, and having seen the experience in Japan when it launched, we're planning for a lot of interest in the coming months."

The half price deal puts the new handheld at a lower price point than many retailers sell the DS Lite.

Currently Amazon is offering the DSi for GBP 149.99, or DS Lite for GBP 97.79, while Shopto offers the new handheld for GBP 147.99 and the older DS for GBP 92.97.

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