The Podcast: Diversity in games with Anita Sarkeesian

The Feminist Frequency founder on her Tropes series, dealing with the backlash and how developers can explore new stories

By James Batchelor

The Podcast: Inon Zur on scoring the end of the world

The Fallout composer also reveals his jazz aspirations and warns games against following Hollywood

By James Batchelor

Oskar Burman: “Free-to-play will grow, but will never dominate VR”

Former Rovio exec believes virtual reality has a lot to learn from mobile, but won't be ruled by the same type of games

By James Batchelor

“Virtual reality will be our best interface with true AI”

VR expert Dave Ranyard discusses the potential for storytelling with virtual and augmented reality at Nordic Game

By James Batchelor

Anita Sarkeesian: “Games need to tell better stories that don't oversimplify oppression”

Critic praises “cultural shift” in video game storytelling, but says recent examples are a “band-aid on a deeper wound”

By James Batchelor

Playdead's Inside cleans up at the Nordic Game Awards

Honours included Best Games Design, Best Art and Game of the Year

Fumito Ueda: “For me, it's not important to tell the details of the story”

The Last Guardian developer shares his design process with Massive MD David Polfeldt and attendees at Nordic Game Conference

By James Batchelor

Inon Zur: “In video games, you don't need to hear the music - you need to feel it”

The Fallout 4 composer offers advice to aspiring musicians and discusses why he prefers scoring games to TV and film

By James Batchelor

Playground spent 18 months developing the first 10 minutes of Forza Horizon 3

“First impressions change how players perceive a game,” says creative director Ralph Fulton

By James Batchelor

Oliver twins: “Failure to change results in complete collapse”

The veteran development duo ponder the biggest changes in the industry ahead of their Nordic Game talk

By James Batchelor

GamesIndustry.Biz at Nordic Game Conference

The final line up of our curated session track in Malmo next week

By Dan Pearson

"Why am I even making games?"

Flavourworks founder and Molyneux protegé Jack Attridge discusses the challenge of starting his own studio, and why he feels games design is stagnant

By James Batchelor

First speakers revealed for track at Nordic Game

Oliver twins, Nat Griffith, Jack Attridge, Ralph Fulton and Dave Ranyard kick off line-up

By Dan Pearson

Nordic Game Conference unveils Discovery Day

Event will "focus on the innovative and artful aspects" of game design

By Dan Pearson partners with Nordic Game Conference

We'll be curating our very own track at the Malmö show from May 17-19

By Press Release

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