Players get credit for evolution--and stagnation--of gaming narrative

What Remains of Edith Finch developer Ian Dallas says the market is pushing the medium forward in some ways, tying its hands in others

By Brendan Sinclair

FTL and Into the Breach: Two-of-an-unkind

Subset Games' first two titles are very difficult, yet very different; Justin Ma talks about the games' common threads and the studio's unconventional marketing strategy

By Brendan Sinclair

Pushing PixelJunk beyond pixel art

With a market for "AAA indie" titles forming, Q-Games and Dylan Cuthbert are bringing their biggest franchise to the third dimension

By Brendan Sinclair

Appealing to the West by focusing on the East

Spike Chunsoft CEO Mitsutoshi Sakurai says there's a growing global audience for the "very Japanese" games his company publishes

By Brendan Sinclair

Balancing Hearthstone

Metrics help the team understand what's happening, but designer Dean Ayala says most changes in the Blizzard card game are made due to player perception

By Brendan Sinclair

Evolving beyond empowerment narratives

Life is Strange: Before the Storm narrative director Zak Garriss says developers are exploring more complex, human spaces, and finding support from big publishers in doing so

By Brendan Sinclair

"The reason we're killing ourselves isn't because we love what we're doing"

Night in the Woods' Scott Benson and Bethany Hockenberry discuss unionizing in games and what to do about indie devs crunching themselves

By Brendan Sinclair

Supercell: Meet the industry's "least powerful CEO"

Ilkka Paananen on the value of leaving power in the hands of developers, and Supercell's ambition to create a "truly global" mobile hit

By Matthew Handrahan

"We can't rely on nostalgia to sell"

Brian Fargo mines the past with The Bard's Tale IV, looks to mine the future with blockchain-powered storefront Robot Cache

By Brendan Sinclair

People have figured out premium mobile - Ken Wong

Designer of Monument Valley and Florence sees increased competition in the market, reflects on what connects his games

By Brendan Sinclair

A Whole New World (of Tanks)

Wargaming's Victor Kislyi talks about why the free-to-play game's growth plateaued and the company's plan to keep it going for the next 20 years

By Brendan Sinclair

Buried Signal: "Every piece of Gorogoa was a new problem"

After his excellent debut Gorogoa, Buried Signal's Jason Roberts looks towards a far less difficult second album

By Matthew Handrahan

The accidental relevance of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

MachineGames creative director Jens Matthies on when he realized his Nazi-killing game was going to be politically topical, and dealing honestly with Nazi ideology

By Brendan Sinclair

Discord: 90 million PC gamers can't be wrong

Founder and CEO Jason Citron on the platform's rapid growth, and taking a hard line on the emergence of hate groups

By Matthew Handrahan

Yoko Taro: We don't need to think globally to sell globally

Nier: Automata director and PlatinumGames lead designer Takahisa Taura discuss developing for Western tastes, 3D action games, and the dilemma of multiple endings

By Brendan Sinclair

Wadjet Eye: Streamers "pushed me to make the game that I've always wanted to play"

With Unavowed, founder Dave Gilbert aimed to make a point and click adventure game that can't be spoiled by YouTube videos

By Matthew Handrahan

Ageism: The issue never gets old

Veteran game developers share thoughts on how big a problem age discrimination actually is, and how to get around it

By Steve Peterson

Fluffy Fairy Games: "People from the industry told us it doesn't work this way"

With Idle Miner Tycoon, the German startup ignored best practices on monetisation and minimum viable product - and created a €120k a day mobile hit

By Matthew Handrahan

GDC 2018 breaks attendance record

28,000 industry professionals attended last week's show in San Francisco; dates announced for 2019 GDC and VRDC

By Brendan Sinclair

IGDA head on the problems with unions

Jen MacLean discusses challenges she sees to organized labor in games, attributes horror stories like 38 Studios to human nature and "wishful thinking"

By Brendan Sinclair

"Don't get cocky": The story of Ratchet and Clank's 15-year survival

Adapt or Die and staying true to your heritage is a difficult balance to strike, says Insomniac

By Christopher Dring

#ThirdWorldProblems: How to not get a visa for GDC

Gwen Foster, one of the #1ReasonToBe speakers denied a visa, on being treated with "diplomatic hostility" in a global industry

By Gwendelyn Foster

#1ReasonToBe: "Listen to the people you do not hear, because they're not allowed to speak"

Rami Ismail's GDC panel explored development in Madagascar, the Philippines, Colombia and beyond

By Matthew Handrahan

Riot's recipe for "sportsmanship" in League of Legends

At GDC, Kimberly Voll detailed how Riot Games successfully revamped LoL's ineffective Honor system

By Matthew Handrahan

EA's SEED builds AI capable of teaching itself to play Battlefield I

"As deep learning technology matures, I expect self-learning agents to be part of the games themselves, as truly intelligent NPCs," says SEED technical director

By Haydn Taylor

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