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Dune II and the three rules of a good licensed game

Why I Love: Auroch Digital design director Tomas Rawlings examines what made the seminal real-time strategy game such a massively influential success

By Tomas Rawlings

Push off Paxman

Why a bunch of game developers are working with a political commentary site

By Tomas Rawlings

Playing the headlines

What devs can learn from Newsgame development

By Tomas Rawlings

War in Syria: Using Games to Understand Conflict

Why Auroch Digital made a game based on a real-world war in two weeks

By Tomas Rawlings

How We Evolve Fun

Inspired by Darwin, Tomas Rawlings asks whether incremental evolution of games will lead to a loss of innovation

By Tomas Rawlings

Store Wars: Which is the right app store for you?

Red Wasp's Tomas Rawlings breaks down the pros and cons of app stores for the independent developer

By Tomas Rawlings

Gary Gygax: The Father of Games Design

On the 74th anniversary of Gary Gygax' birthday, Tomas Rawlings looks at the legacy left by the designer of Dungeons and Dragons

By Tomas Rawlings

From Paper to Digital: The Cthulhu Strategy of Games Development

How Red Wasp Design brought Chaosium's much-loved RPG to life with a small budget, good-will and just 1000 of marketing money

By Tomas Rawlings

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