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8th July 2021

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Chris Morris,

Chris Morris has covered the video game industry since 1996, offering analysis of news and trends and breaking several major stories. He was the author of CNNMoney’s 'Game Over' and has also written for Yahoo!, Variety,, and other publications.

Recent articles by Chris Morris

Call of Duty purchase intent "well above last year" - Hirshberg

Activision Publishing CEO still extremely bullish despite lower pre-order projections; ATVI also keeping close eye on F2P game in China

By Chris Morris

New iPhones "on par with next-generation consoles" - Gibeau

EA Mobile head weighs in potential of Apple's latest, already has people prototyping for Watch

By Chris Morris

Amazon's Twitch buyout may have little to do with its gaming ambitions

The purchase will help "complete a puzzle" says Twitch's Matthew DiPietro; Chris Morris examines the implications of the deal

By Chris Morris

Take-Two CEO open to buying more studios

"This company is in growth mode," Strauss Zelnick says. He also praised Microsoft for unbundling Kinect

By Chris Morris

Walmart jumps into the game trade-in business

Retailer launching large-scale program at 3,100 US stores, aims to disrupt second-hand market

By Chris Morris

Take-Two plays the waiting game with mobile

Strauss Zelnick on Wii U, Oculus Rift, and what happens with Rod Fergusson's Bay Area studio now that he's jumped ship to Microsoft

By Chris Morris

Oculus games may command a premium price

CEO Brendan Iribe would not be surprised to see Oculus games cost more than $60 - he also says "the age of 2D monitors has run its course"

By Chris Morris

Ubisoft explains why launch games underwhelm

Tony Key also notes that the $100 price difference between Xbox One and PS4 won't matter, and he expects installed base to quickly double last gen

By Chris Morris

The life of the Nintendo Wii - through the eyes of Satoru Iwata

Chris Morris takes a look back at his many conversations about the Wii with Nintendo's leader

By Chris Morris

PS4, Xbox One take "painful body blow" from Watch Dogs delay

Chris Morris looks at the ramifications of Ubisoft's last-minute delay of one of the hottest new IPs in the industry

By Chris Morris

Rockstar Games: Time for new IP?

GTA V is a smashing success, but what's next for Rockstar? Chris Morris examines the possibilities

By Chris Morris

Chair's Donald Mustard on the Apple console threat

Infinity Blade III developer excited for iDevices' living room potential, addresses increasing time and cost of mobile development

By Chris Morris

Inside PS4's new VR headset

Sony's next big peripheral expected for fall 2014 launch, said to be more accurate than Oculus Rift

By Chris Morris

Free-to-play set to take off on consoles?

Chris Morris talks to devs about F2P and how it may actually be better suited to consoles than the PC

By Chris Morris

Former Steam boss Jason Holtman lands at Microsoft

Valve veteran will be focused on "making Windows a great platform for gaming"

By Chris Morris

Xbox One can still win the next console war

Chris Morris notes that "the embankment Microsoft faces is a lot smaller than it was a short time ago"

By Chris Morris

Xbox One: Julie Larson-Green May Fit In Just Fine

Columnist Chris Morris examines what the new Xbox chief means for Microsoft as it launches its biggest product of the next 10 years

By Chris Morris

Does Nintendo stand a chance this holiday?

Pessimism is starting to crest, notes columnist Chris Morris, as publishers weigh in; "Wii U feels like an offline experience," says Peter Moore

By Chris Morris

Nintendo: Our digital sales are soaring

Reggie Fils-Aime tells us that Fire Emblem alone sold around 80,000 units digitally; also, the pace of Wii U releases will increase "dramatically"

By Chris Morris

Xbox always-online: Maybe it's not so terrible

Chris Morris explains that having a big company like Microsoft step up could make always-online more palatable for next-gen

By Chris Morris

EA's hot seat: Who will be the next CEO?

Chris Morris examines six viable replacements for Riccitiello and handicaps the candidates

By Chris Morris

PS4: What Sony needs to win next-gen

Columnist Chris Morris looks at opportunities and potential pitfalls for Sony in the upcoming console battle

By Chris Morris

Valve: Biggest threat to the next generation?

Chris Morris argues that a Steam Box could make life difficult for Microsoft and Sony in the next couple years

By Chris Morris

Ubisoft's Guillemot on evolving audiences, Wii U, and possibly buying THQ

Ubisoft's CEO acknowledges interest in THQ's assets. "For sure, it's something we can consider," he tells us

By Chris Morris

PS3 Super Slim Could Be A Super Stumble

Chris Morris argues that Sony is shooting itself in the foot by not lowering prices this holiday

By Chris Morris

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