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Global Britain needs to be truly global

TIGA CEO Richard Wilson stresses the importance of a less restrictive migration policy to the future of the UK games industry

By Richard Wilson

A taste for Adventure

TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson considers new data on which genres UK developers specialise in

By Richard Wilson

Why we need a Games Investment Fund

A lack of access to funds is a significant challenge for more than half of UK developers. But much can be done, says TIGA CEO Richard Wilson

By Richard Wilson

2017: A reason to be cheerful

CEO Richard Wilson ponders what the findings from TIGA's annual survey really mean for UK games makers

By Richard Wilson

Why we need Lottery Funding for the Little Guy

TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson explains how and why it could be used to help

By Richard Wilson

UK Games Tax Relief: TIGA's response

Dr Richard Wilson presents TIGA's perspective on a hard-fought campaign

By Richard Wilson

UK Games Tax Relief Passes Another Milestone

TIGA's Dr. Richard Wilson addresses the EU commission's concerns

By Richard Wilson

TIGA's 5 Point Plan

How to grow the UK independent developer and digital publishing sector in 2012

By Richard Wilson

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