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I got occupational burnout - and you might, too

Will Luton on a "scarily ubiquitous" problem in the games industry, but one that can be identified and prevented

By Will Luton

F2P Economics: Inflation and the Perpetual Revenue Machine

Will Luton looks at how to increase IAP without upsetting players

By Will Luton

Elevator Pitch: A Game to Make You More Creative

Will Luton's card game for developers who need fresh ideas

By Will Luton

GDC on a budget

Will Luton's tips on how to explore San Francisco without breaking the bank

By Will Luton

The Celebrification of Developers

As indie developers become public personalities, what damaging effects does it have on their personal and professional lives?

By Will Luton

The Future of Games: We Need To Protect Our Past

With two of his games gone from the App Store forever, Will Luton asks if there's a better solution to preserving old games than piracy

By Will Luton

Free-to-Play Marketing: Positioning and Proposition

In an extract from Will Luton's new book, we look at marketing techniques and the high-level proposition of your free-to-play video game

By Will Luton

End of the Golden Age: Are Games Consoles Too Generic?

Games consoles are becoming homogeneous appliances with few distinguishing features, argues Will Luton

By Will Luton

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned To Love The Microconsole

Will Luton laughed at the Android microconsoles. Now he's loved-up

By Will Luton

The Future of Games: F2P Is Not Evil Nor The Only Solution

A them-and-us mentality over free-to-play is making fools of us all, argues Will Luton

By Will Luton

Tut-Tut: What's Wrong with Maxim's Gamer Girl?

Will Luton isn't angry with Maxim's Gamer Girl contest, just disappointed

By Will Luton

Could Mobile Replace the Console?

Are smartphones and tablets really the console killers? Definitely maybe, says Mobile Pie's Will Luton

By Will Luton

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