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8th July 2021

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Ben Strauss, Staff Writer

Ben Strauss is a recent graduate of Xavier University. You can see him ramble on about gaming, gamification, military-related gaming and manly things on his Twitter @Sinner101GR.

Recent articles by Ben Strauss

Star Wars: The Old Republic goes free-to-play up to level 50

UPDATE: EA confirms subscriptions now under 1m, performance "disappointing"

By Ben Strauss

App marketing costs could price indies out of mobile market says new report

Report from W3i says indie developers are facing an 'innovate or die' moment

By Ben Strauss

New Super Mario Bros 2 sells 430k in two days in Japan

Nintendo strikes it big with new Mario and new 3DS XL model

By Ben Strauss

EA Sports and Nexon partner to bring FIFA Online 3 to Korea

Nexon to publish EA title in budding South Korean market

By Ben Strauss

Zynga hit with first lawsuit over stock sell-off

Zynga accused of insider trading after stock dump by Zynga executives and investors

By Ben Strauss

Sony purchase of Gaikai validates cloud gaming says OnLive

OnLive, however, doesn't see the value in being acquired itself as it may limit the number of devices it could reach

By Ben Strauss

Sony: "You absolutely need to tell a more compelling story"

Sony VP of publisher relations Adam Boyes discusses the challenges of today's publishing

By Ben Strauss

Call of Duty lawsuit could be worth multi-millions in settlement says analyst

Cowen and Company sees tens of millions in settlement figure for Zampella and West

By Ben Strauss

Ubisoft patches uPlay exploit

Ubisoft "takes security issues very seriously"

By Ben Strauss

Free-to-Play argument is over says Gree

Japanese mobile gaming company espouses benefits of F2P

By Ben Strauss

Microsoft Surface tablet to launch October 26

Surface launch to coincide with launch of Windows 8

By Ben Strauss

IGDA executive director steps down

Gordon Bellamy leaves for Tencent, new interim director to take over

By Ben Strauss

Irrational Games looks to hire devs with game Metacritic ratings over 85

Metacritic rears its ugly head, this time in the middle of a new job listing from Irrational

By Ben Strauss

Tony Hawk HD sells 120,000 units in first week

XBLA launch of new Tony Hawk game does well following positive reviews

By Ben Strauss

GameStop considers re-sale of digital property

The leading games retailer in the US is investigating its digital re-sale options

By Ben Strauss

Warner Bros Seattle studio hit with layoffs - report

Unknown number of layoffs hit several studios in Seattle area

By Ben Strauss

Apple patents new gaming controller

New controller from Apple similar to DualShock, will work with Apple TV

By Ben Strauss

Star Wars: The Old Republic grabs six nominations in GDC Online Awards

GDC Online Awards include nods to World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Sims Social and others

By Ben Strauss

Stardock considers completely abandoning retail

Sins of a Solar Empire developer cautious of retail future, contemplates digital only

By Ben Strauss

Jade Raymond calls for developers to embrace non-traditional control schemes

Former Assassin's Creed producer believes in viability of control-pad free gaming

By Ben Strauss

Just Cause 2 developer criticizes DLC and forced multiplayer in games

Avalanche studio head believes DLC and monetization strategies are ruining game creation

By Ben Strauss

Crysis 3 still a possibility for Wii U

Crytek producer Mike Read says Crysis 3 not 'ruled out' for a Wii U launch in the future

By Ben Strauss

Windows 8 is "kind of a catastrophe for everybody in the PC space" says Gabe Newell

Valve 'boss' talks about the changing PC landscape, admits mobile possibility and looks to future

By Ben Strauss

Puzzle Quest developer independent once again

Infinite Interactive breaks ties from EA and will independently develop games again

By Ben Strauss

Big Fish launches new cloud gaming service

Partnership with Roku forms Big Fish Unlimited for cloud gaming

By Ben Strauss

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