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Jeffrey Matulef,

Jeffrey Matulef is the best-dressed man in 1984.

Recent articles by Jeffrey Matulef

Gaikai's David Perry

On 100m users, the Gaikai controller, Amazon and cloud gaming's 'dinosaur' moment

By Jeffrey Matulef

Why friction is the biggest obstacle to a mainstream audience

"Instead of bringing the gamer to the game, bring the game to the gamer," says Gaikai's David Perry

By Jeffrey Matulef

GameStop's plans to stream console games via the cloud

Beta underway with retailer 'slinging' console titles to any internet enabled device

By Jeffrey Matulef

THQ: Future consoles will drop discs for cloud gaming

"All the money spent by the consumer would go to the developer or publisher," says Farrell

By Jeffrey Matulef

Bushnell: Cloud computing will improve education

Atari founder says new technology can be harnessed for learning

By Jeffrey Matulef

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