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8th July 2021

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Oli Welsh, Editor-in-chief

Oli is the editor of and likes to take things one word at a time. His friends call him The European, but that's just a coincidence. He's still playing Diablo 3.

Recent articles by Oli Welsh

Brave New World

Mike Morhaime opens up about pushing the world's most successful developer into new territory

By Oli Welsh

Blizzard's Rob Pardo

On DotA, the challenges of, day-and-date digital releases and working with Bungie

By Oli Welsh

Blizzard contends Valve's DOTA trademark motion

Pardo:"It should continue to be available to Blizzard and to our community"

By Oli Welsh

Blizzard pledges return to console game development

It will "definitely" happen, says WoW producer

By Oli Welsh

DICE restructures Battlefield Heroes pricing

Items bought with in-game currency become more expensive; move proves unpopular with users

By Oli Welsh

Activision chose to remove MW2 airport level for Russia

Publisher denies game has been recalled; was advised to block terrorist level

By Oli Welsh

More problems for World of Warcraft in China

NetEase ordered to stop taking money and account registrations

By Oli Welsh

Battlefield to keep dedicated servers

EA DICE responds to Infinity Ward criticism over third party PC network

By Oli Welsh

McCartney: Lennon and Harrison would have approved of Rock Band

Full extent of Paul, Yoko and Olivia's involvement in game is revealed

By Oli Welsh

Codemasters drops ArchLord MMO

Publisher will no longer operate the free-to-play title in North America and Europe

By Oli Welsh

Guild Wars creator leaves NCsoft West

Jeff Strain, founder of ArenaNet, departs company on "amicable terms"

By Oli Welsh

Senior staff leave SOE Seattle

Development of The Agency unaffected as founders quit to form new studio

By Oli Welsh

Reports of China's 'gold farming ban' misinterpreted

Law bans buying real goods and services with virtual currency, not vice versa

By Oli Welsh

Microsoft confirms acquisition of 3DV

3D motion-sensing technology firm officially recognised as part of Redmond giant

By Oli Welsh

Bethesda may sue over Fallout MMO

SEC filing from Interplay shows the Fallout 3 developer is disputing the online project

By Oli Welsh

Nintendo ready to revive the Japanese market - Iwata

Mario-maker "not particularly concerned" about PS3 momentum; DSi sells 600,000 on EU and US opening weekend

By Oli Welsh

Stargate TV producer casts doubt on MMO

Brad Wright admits the online title "should be happening by now"

By Oli Welsh

EA allows SecuROM de-authorisation

Spore, Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect, Burnout Paradise, Dead Space and Red Alert 3 take advantage of new tool

By Oli Welsh

1,000,000 gold farmers based in China

In-game currency investigation reveals that 70% of all trade is in World of Warcraft gold

By Oli Welsh

Mythic closes 63 Warhammer servers

43 North American and 20 European low-population servers to close

By Oli Welsh

Sony boasts of big support for Home

Activision, Capcom, EA and Koei among 24 companies licensed to create content

By Oli Welsh

Owning the Territory

Splash Damage's Paul Wedgwood on modders, critics and getting in bed with Bethesda.

By Oli Welsh

Funcom to close over half of Conan servers

49 realms cut to just 18 in order to improve overall player experience on remaining servers

By Oli Welsh

Take-Two drops Champions Online

Atari now likely to publish the MMO following Cryptic Studios purchase

By Oli Welsh

Employers screening World of Warcraft players?

Recruiters urged not to put MMO players forward for jobs - report

By Oli Welsh

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