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Johnny Minkley,

Johnny Minkley is a veteran games writer and broadcaster, former editor of Eurogamer TV, VP of gaming charity SpecialEffect, and hopeless social media addict.

Recent articles by Johnny Minkley

How do you sell a next-gen console?

With few expecting a giant gaming leap at launch, what may matter most is not what you buy but how you buy it, says Johnny Minkley

By Johnny Minkley

Racing Ahead: The Rise Of Triple-A Mobile Games

CSR Racing's $12m iOS success is a welcome sign and a warning, writes Johnny Minkley

By Johnny Minkley

Dare To Dream: The Gaming Stars Of Tomorrow

Johnny Minkley asks what the next generation of developers thinks about its career prospects

By Johnny Minkley

The Fallacy of Photo-Realism

Assuming better games are the natural consequence of better technology is a dangerous game to play, writes Johnny Minkley

By Johnny Minkley

A small start for the big new 3DS won't hurt Nintendo

The near-future of Nintendo's handheld looks bright, whatever size screens you're playing on, writes Johnny Minkley

By Johnny Minkley

Winning Mentality: Inside EA Sports

Johnny Minkley goes in search of the secret behind the Canadian super-studio's ongoing success

By Johnny Minkley

A Simple Case of Bad Parenting?

As another child racks up a huge bill on Xbox Live, we shouldn't be surprised that consumers are still confused by online transactions

By Johnny Minkley

Mind The Generation Gap

Angry Birds and Minecraft are the stars of the new age of gaming - can the rest of the industry keep up, asks Johnny Minkley

By Johnny Minkley

This Changes Everything: iPhone's Five-Year Gaming Revolution

How Apple's device has changed when we play, what we play, and what we pay to play forever

By Johnny Minkley

VSC: "PEGI is stricter than the BBFC. We're not ashamed of that"

With the law set to change next month, the ratings body that will have the power to ban video games explains what it all means

By Johnny Minkley

Fatal Distraction: Don't Blame Violence For Gaming's Woes

Has mature content in games gone too far? No, but responsibility for it doesn't go far enough, writes Johnny Minkley

By Johnny Minkley

Surprise! Here's Why E3 2012 Fell Flat

If publishers no longer trust their major announcements to gaming's biggest showcase, what is the point of it, asks Johnny Minkley

By Johnny Minkley

Why are we still so insecure about the quality of our games?

CGI teasers might make marketing sense, but publishers' continued reliance on the form disguises a worrying lack of faith in the medium

By Johnny Minkley

From the '80s to Israel: The New Inspiration for Next Gen Skills

Johnny Minkley explains why coding campaigners are focused on the successes of the Middle East

By Johnny Minkley

What's the cure for gaming's High Street blues?

Flagging sales and fewer blockbusters have made it a tough year - but the outlook doesn't have to be bleak, writes Johnny Minkley

By Johnny Minkley

Is Xbox Still Gaming To The Core?

As Microsoft chases after its entertainment ambitions, it risks alienating those who made its platform a success, warns Johnny Minkley

By Johnny Minkley

Journey's End: Where Next for Jenova Chen?

Thatgamecompany's visionary head talks to Johnny Minkley about the "pain" of development, losing his co-founder, encouraging creativity and finding the right deal

By Johnny Minkley

God of Ware: Inside Sony Santa Monica

From promoting diversity to nurturing fresh talent, Sony's West Coast development hub is a role model for the industry - but there are warning signs too, writes Johnny Minkley

By Johnny Minkley

Are Parents Getting the Message On Online Gaming?

A misleading hatchet job in the tabloid press shouldn't distract us from genuine risks to children who play online, says Johnny Minkley

By Johnny Minkley

Is Call of Duty Really in Decline?

Johnny Minkley looks at the figures behind fresh claims that Activision's heavyweight is losing its edge

By Johnny Minkley

How seriously does the UK Government take child safety?

Years after the new PEGI system was agreed upon the age ratings game is still stuck on pause. Johnny Minkley asks what has gone wrong.

By Johnny Minkley

48 Hours That Saved GAME

Johnny Minkley details how the deal was done - and what will happen next for the UK retailer

By Johnny Minkley

Administering the Pain: the Human Cost of GAME's Collapse

The collapse of specialist retail is bad news for the UK, but worse for those whose jobs were lost in the process, says Johnny Minkley

By Johnny Minkley

From PM to Players: The Word Is Out On Accessible Gaming

A special afternoon for a four-year-old girl and a momentous 48 hours for British gaming charity Special Effect

By Johnny Minkley

Gaming's White-Knuckle Transition

Every part of the games business is transforming. That's both terrifying and exciting, argues Johnny Minkley

By Johnny Minkley

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