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How Quantic Dream took control of remote working using Amazon Web Services 

Sponsored article: The Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls studio explains how it used the cloud to move its teams out of the office

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Insights into adaptation game design challenges

Sponsored article: Abstraction goes through the tailoring pillars that shape its adaptation design approach for the Academy

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Epic Games: Why cross-play matters

Sponsored article: Cross-players play Fortnite 570% more on average than non cross-players, Psyonix and Phoenix Labs reveal similar benefits

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How to pitch your mobile game to a publisher

Sponsored article: Lab Cave's Jami Wardman explains how to pitch your game in the mobile space

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A game developers' guide to working with clients

Sponsored article: Co-development and porting specialist Abstraction discusses ways to approach different games and partners

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How to revive your struggling mobile game

Sponsored article: What can you do if you have a mobile app that you're investing a lot of resources in, but installs and revenue are low?

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A beginner's guide to performance capture by Epic Games

Sponsored article: Epic Games' David Hibbitts looks into the intricacies of performance capture and how to set up your own system

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The secrets to standing out on mobile app stores

Sponsored article: Lab Cave's Virginia H. Plaza explains how to make your app shine on the iOS App Store and Google Play

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