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Good games get bad ratings

Germany has passed a new youth protection law -- Beiten Burkhardt's Dr Andreas Lober explains why it can make life difficult for loot boxes, but also for great games

By Dr Andreas Lober

The end of 30%? | Opinion

The European Commission has opened an antitrust investigation into Apple -- will this be the end of the App Store's 30% revenue share?

By Dr Andreas Lober

A short history of banned games in Germany

Beiten Burkhardt's Andreas Lober explores Germany's fractious relationship with video games -- and the age rating issues that still lie ahead

By Dr Andreas Lober

Cheat software: Can publishers level the playing field?

Legal expert Dr Andreas Lober offers practical advice to publishers battling the rise of cheat software in online games

By Dr Andreas Lober

The dawn of streaming requires contract revisions

Beiten Burkhardt's Dr Andreas Lober explains why developers and publishers should check their contracts as services like Google Stadia emerge

By Dr Andreas Lober

Key resellers claim legitimacy -- the courts say otherwise | Opinion

Beiten Burkhardt's Andreas Lober probes the legal basis for key resellers, and finds those marketplaces on shaky ground

By Dr Andreas Lober

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