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China is ready for the PS5 and Xbox, even if Sony and Microsoft aren't ready for China | Opinion

Imported next-gen consoles are already available for pre-order in China, says Apptutti's Daniel Camilo

By Daniel Camilo

Foreign developers can only hope to reach China with mobile games | Opinion

The last crop of officially approved games tells us a lot about the Chinese market, says Apptutti's Daniel Camilo

By Daniel Camilo

Don't expect next-gen console launches in China anytime soon | Opinion

The suspension of the PlayStation Store in China underlines the problems that Sony and Microsoft continue to face, says Apptutti's Daniel Camilo

By Daniel Camilo

The curious case of Animal Crossing in China | Opinion

China plays a bigger role in console sales than people think, says Apptutti's Daniel Camilo, and Nintendo's game is compelling proof

By Daniel Camilo

Five misconceptions about the Chinese games market

Apptutti's Daniel Camilo on the myths around console sales, PC gaming, rampant piracy, and more

By Daniel Camilo

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