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How an unlikely Tencent project is helping China's indie scene

In its third year, Tencent's Next Studios is carving out a unique niche in China's complicated games industry

By Alexis Ong

The Chinese studio bringing the Souls-like to mobile

TipsWorks founder Yang Yang on the challenges of making Pascal's Wager: Annunciation, and being a Chinese studio with international ambitions

By Alexis Ong

Mike Pondsmith: "If you want to get somebody to see your point of view, don't preach"

The veteran designer on adapting to new technology, bringing Cyberpunk 2077 to 2020, and using games to tackle political and social themes

By Alexis Ong

Jon Blow: "The job isn't to be in a community; the job is to make a good game"

The creator of The Witness on the rise of indie devs across Asia, and being part of the indie community versus "doing the hard work that it actually takes"

By Alexis Ong

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