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Michal Napora,

Recent articles by Michal Napora

Perceptions matter: Small things to make your game's marketing stand out

Marketing specialist Michal Napora on how subtle changes in word choice and language make you more memorable

By Michal Napora

Marketing is the business of selling entertainment, not news

With no news to share about the game, 32-33's Michal Napora took advantage of the PC Gaming Show by creating a "moment" for Inkulinati

By Michal Napora

How events being featured on Steam is changing games marketing

For the Academy, Michal Napora explores what events being featured on Steam can do for your game

By Michal Napora

Persona 5 and the merger of style and substance

Why I Love: Marketer Michal Napora was sold by the Atlus RPG's flashy exterior, but hooked by its substantial heart

By Michal Napora

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