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Loveshark's investment story: How the AR developer impressed the Oliver Twins

In the first of two parts, Philip Oliver shares how developers should approach investors

By Philip Oliver

Seven steps to improving your company culture

Avoid the perils of a toxic culture by building one on passion, creativity and empowerment

By Philip Oliver

Writing a business plan -- advice for indie game developers

Game Dragons' Philip Oliver on an essential but often overlooked tool for building success in indie development

By Philip Oliver

Following your dreams: Pursuing a career making games | Opinion

Game Dragons' Philip Oliver discusses how we can help career advisors see the industry as a serious choice

By Philip Oliver

Branded for success | Opinion

Game Dragons' Philip Oliver offers advice on how to licence IP, and how to identify IP that is now in the public domain

By Philip Oliver

The next generation starts with you | Opinion

Game Dragons' Philip Oliver offers advice on how to better work with academia to improve the quality of graduates

By Philip Oliver

Don't let your first game be your last | Opinion

Game Dragons' Philip Oliver advises indies on how to select a project that will set up the future of their studio

By Philip Oliver

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