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What can Dragon Quest 12 learn from a 2009 Nintendo DS game?

A look at Square Enix's struggles to bring the RPG series to the West while still appealing to its core fans in Japan

By Ishaan Sahdev

Capcom tries again with Monster Hunter Stories 2 -- but why?

Capcom slips another quarter into the machine and makes a play for Japan's kids market

By Ishaan Sahdev

Are publishers doing enough with their brands? | Opinion

EA hasn't produced much with the Star Wars brand, and it's not alone among publishers in the west -- it's high time they took some lessons from Japan

By Ishaan Sahdev

Virtuos: Switch ports, co-development, and next-gen

Virtuos on its journey from small contract studio to pushing the boundaries of what's possible on Nintendo Switch

By Ishaan Sahdev

Dangen Entertainment: What it really costs to run an indie publishing label

With the right focus and the right relationships, the Osaka-based publisher can find success with 10,000 units sold

By Ishaan Sahdev

How Mario Kart Tour could bring Mario Kart up to speed | Opinion

Nintendo's smartphone racer will need reinvention to succeed in a landscape of player-retention, daily active users and paid conversions

By Ishaan Sahdev

The case for a smaller, more portable Nintendo Switch | Opinion

Portables were said to be dead -- so why would Nintendo consider releasing a smaller Switch?

By Ishaan Sahdev

Rising development costs forced Square Enix to find its soul | Opinion

When Final Fantasy was no longer enough, the venerable publisher dug deeper

By Ishaan Sahdev

Nintendo's greatest strength this generation is self-acceptance | Opinion

The platform holder has returned to its roots, and it is stronger and more well-rounded as a result

By Ishaan Sahdev

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