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Malindy Hetfeld,

Malindy is a freelance writer whose equally torrid love affairs with literature, Japan and Guybrush Threepwood have led to her covering video games.

Recent articles by Malindy Hetfeld

How to make the games industry more sustainable

As part of the Best Places To Work Awards, we've invited panellists to talk about actionable steps against climate change

By Malindy Hetfeld

Creating a diverse future for the games industry

As part of our Best Places To Work week, Amiqus' Liz Prince sat down with three panellists to talk about how diversity and inclusion can lead to a better future

By Malindy Hetfeld

How to support your staff's mental health

As part of's Best Places to Work Awards, we've talked to three panellists about the best practices to champion mental health support at your company

By Malindy Hetfeld

How to get a job as a diversity and inclusion officer

The Academy explores the role and impact of a D&I officer

By Malindy Hetfeld

How the games industry can put its diversity pledges into action | Opinion

The industry's diversity problems aren't new, but willing developers have all the tools they need to take action

By Malindy Hetfeld

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