Brie Code,

Brie Code and her company Tru Luv Media make video games with people who donít like video games. Previously she led programming teams at Ubisoft Montreal on Child of Light and some Assassin's Creeds, and wrote AI code at Relic for Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @briecode or @truluvmedia.

Recent articles by Brie Code

A future I would want to live in

The games industry is a specialist in dystopia, but there are other ways of thinking about and designing the future

By Brie Code

Making Games in Tehran: A massive market, disconnected

The first Tehran Game Convention gave Brie Code insight into an emerging industry hobbled by sanctions and restrictions

By Brie Code

Speech Anxiety for Game Developers

A good topic is any topic you desperately care about

By Brie Code

Slouching toward relevant video games

People respond differently to stress, says Brie Code. Design for it

By Brie Code

The Best Candidate is a Lie

Why a team is much more than the sum of its parts

By Brie Code

Seven Role Models for Game Developers

Where women in the industry can look for inspiration

By Brie Code

The Difference Between Us

Diversity is about building bridges, says Brie Code, and in the wake of Donald Trump's election that's more important than ever before

By Brie Code

Video Games Are Boring

Maybe everything we know is wrong, says Brie Code

By Brie Code

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