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Marijam Didzgalvyte,

Recent articles by Marijam Didzgalvyte

The dark, ironic, surreal games of Central and Eastern Europe

The region's developers have found a place in the market by taking the upheaval of the past, and creating a unique visual and thematic identity

By Marijam Didzgalvyte

Why the games industry should not stay neutral this election

With the UK Parliamentary election only days away, there are too many defining policy differences in the parties' manifestos for the industry to stay mute

By Marijam Didzgalvyte

Games Industry post-Brexit: Who Will Profit?

Cutting corporation tax to counter the effects of leaving the EU only helps the richest

By Marijam Didzgalvyte

Not A Game: Industry Labour Practices May Be Headed For a Big Change

Marijam Didzgalvyte investigates the human impact of gaming tech

By Marijam Didzgalvyte

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