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Alexis Kennedy,

Alexis Kennedy founded Failbetter Games, and made Fallen London and Sunless Sea. He now does freelance work and narrative experiments at

Recent articles by Alexis Kennedy

Against Worldbuilding

Why Alexis Kennedy wishes we didn't use the word

By Alexis Kennedy

Mechanical Turks

AI will never put narrative designers out of work, says Alexis Kennedy

By Alexis Kennedy

The Rhetorical Effects of System Design, And Toilets

When you code, you don't just create a world, you establish the boundaries of a universe

By Alexis Kennedy

The Indie View: How to Survive the Internet

Alexis Kennedy offers advice on how to endure the dreaded customer feedback

By Alexis Kennedy

The Indie View: Resistance Isn't Futile

In his first regular column for GI, Alexis Kennedy looks at Valve's recent shift on user reviews

By Alexis Kennedy

Failbetter Games: Seven Years, Ten Lessons

Founder and now ex-CEO Alexis Kennedy on leaving the company he built

By Alexis Kennedy

Why I Loved: Deus Ex

Alexis Kennedy of Failbetter Games kicks off a new monthly feature series

By Alexis Kennedy

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