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Esports gambling could be good for game publishers - Zelnick

Take-Two CEO cheers recent Supreme Court decision allowing states to legalize sports gambling, says its likely to intersect with games industry "in the relatively near future"

By Tom Mc Shea

EA adamant loot boxes aren't gambling

Publisher pushes back after Belgian Gaming Commission finds fault with FIFA 18, talks game-streaming plans and Fortnite/PUBG phenomenon

By Tom Mc Shea

Activision Blizzard jumping on battle royale bandwagon

Executives say Fortnite and PUBG have expanded the industry; publisher is "very quick to figure out how to capture inspiration from innovation"

By Tom Mc Shea

Take-Two expecting "another record year for GTA Online"

Rockstar's multiplayer mode keeps growing four years after launch; publisher dismisses concerns of cannibalization from Red Dead Redemption 2

By Tom Mc Shea

Star Wars Battlefront II disappoints with over 7 million sold

Anthem delayed to 2019 to give it more space from next Battlefield game, holiday competition; Respawn Star Wars game to launch by April 2020

By Tom Mc Shea

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