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Ellie Gibson,

Ellie spent nearly a decade working at Eurogamer, specialising in hard-hitting executive interviews and nob jokes. These days she does a comedy show and podcast. She pops back now and again to write the odd article and steal our biscuits.

Recent articles by Ellie Gibson

Nintendo shares fall to 5 year low after Wii U reveal

Stock declines as analysts are disappointed by E3 conference

By Ellie Gibson

Gameloft cuts Android investment, claims others will follow

"Nobody is making significant revenue," said finance director

By Ellie Gibson

Activision plans future charges for COD content

Blizzard inspired online monetisation models will be tested with game

By Ellie Gibson

SEGA's John Clark

The UK MD on price cuts, portfolios and the battle for Christmas cash

By Ellie Gibson

Nippon Ichi's Haru Akenaga

The NIS America president explains the company's decision to start direct publishing in Europe

By Ellie Gibson

Iwata: Wii sales decline down to lack of "big titles"

Nintendo isn't planning hardware price drop in response to sales drop, confirms company president

By Ellie Gibson

Miyamoto confirms new Zelda title for Wii

2010 release likely, title to use WiiMotion Plus, says Miyamoto

By Ellie Gibson

EA will "take back market share", says Ramsdale

UK boss "incredibly optimistic" about new financial year

By Ellie Gibson

ICO creator: My games aren't art

Fumito Ueda claims that the intention is purely to create entertainment

By Ellie Gibson

PS3 sales up 130 per cent during Xmas

Sony happy with "solid holiday season"

By Ellie Gibson

GTA IV DLC to be available in shops?

Token card to be available at GameStop stores allowing consumers to download the title via Xbox Live

By Ellie Gibson

iPhone is "future of gameplay" - Apple

Marketing exec Greg Joswiak says the device's capabilities are "significantly greater" than the DS or PSP's

By Ellie Gibson

New Xbox 360 hard drive bundle for US

60GB hard drive with Gold subscription, ethernet cable and headset for $100

By Ellie Gibson

New Star Wars MMO being considered for console - EA

EA assessing feasibility of console versions of The Old Republic and Mythic's Warhammer Online

By Ellie Gibson

TGS: Record number of games on show

DS, PC and mobile titles dominating at annual Tokyo event

By Ellie Gibson

Microsoft fires whistleblowing employee

Games tester sacked for speaking publicly about 360 failure rates

By Ellie Gibson

The Wii "isn't hurting us", says Sony CEO

But Nintendo's business model "may be superior"

By Ellie Gibson

Gearbox in talks to do new Halo game?

But no deal in place yet, says Variety, citing unnamed sources

By Ellie Gibson

EA exec warns against suing file-sharers

"I'm not a huge fan of trying to punish your consumer," says Moore

By Ellie Gibson

It would cost a billion to take on WoW, says Monumental boss

Football Superstars dev explains decision to produce sports-themed MMO

By Ellie Gibson

Codemasters boss warns against outsourcing abroad

"UK development is worth investing in," Cousens tells EIF audience

By Ellie Gibson

'Less than 3 out of 10 games recover costs,' says EIF boss

Deering highlights need for alternative revenue sources

By Ellie Gibson

Riccitiello considers charging for Spore micro transactions

Title could lead to dedicated "Spore label" in the future, says EA's CEO

By Ellie Gibson

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